InwentaryzacjaPRO is the only System on the market software that enables bothcarrying an inventory and inventory accounting in the book. Thanks to the information on the status of the assets or goods in inventory is complete and reliable. Thanks to the proven algorithms used, Inwentaryzacja 4.0™ in a precise way evaporates counted goods and fixed assets on the basis of the similarity of the individual features, optimizing the time of each census.

InwentaryzacjaPRO  allows:

  • coordination of simultaneous work of many people’s time to optimize inventory
  • clearing data validation
  • checking
  • current control
  • input of new items to update records in data base
  • data base update
  • technical support of JKFFV

Software for inventrory and assets management, perfect for company which uses assets:

  • In big quantity – from 500 to 500 000 pcs.
  • Placed in many lacations (bank, travel agencies, store nets)
  • Globally registered

InwentaryzacjaPRO  also allows you to:

  • Control the current state of the assets of the company
  • Carry out the inventory of fixed assets,
  • Keep the basic records of taking pictures with the data collector
  • Generate PDF reports on the intake manifold

The inventory software system for the clearance of goods – for shops and warehouses.

In addition to the functionality of InwentaryzacjaPRO we offer systems for the comprehensive management of assets are renowned on the market. Software developed by our co-operators allow you to record the assets with their initial value, amortization (depreciation) and the place of use and the responsible person. The main advantage of our partnership systems are report generators, so that you can easily prepare your own reports – adequate to their needs.

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