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For over twenty years JKF provides comprehensive services in the area of wealth management, inventory, financial and software deployment, inventory lists from nature, training, audits and advisory for companies in many industries, both manufacturing and services.We are a reliable partner for the enterprise market-equity groups, banks, hotels, small and medium-sized businesses. In recent years, we have partnered with the largest companies in the country and abroad. Our Clients are such companiers as: Raiffeisen Bank, Hilton, Red Bull, Google, PKP and many others.

JKF, as an outsourcing company, offers its customers a revolutionary solution for optimizing the cost of managing assets. Practical knowledge and individual approach allows us to have a reliable implementation of every project, regardless of the nature of the company or a situation in which the undertaking concerned is located. For each client we develop a specially dedicated inventory statement that clearly and clearly explains what is going to happen at every stage of the work and who will be responsible for the various actions

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We are proud to annouce that JKF realizes investment project co-funded by the European Union

Project title: „Web-based platform to manage assets and inventory an opportunity for optimal use of resources of Polish companies” Beneficiary’s name: „J.K.F” limited company

Tthe value of the project: 1 135 560,60 PLN

European co-funding: 301 263,78 PLN



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